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Floor Cloths--Family Friendly Solutions


Some of the best family friendly solutions for floors, especially in high traffic areas and eating areas, have often been floor cloths made from canvas. These date back here in our country as an inexpensive way to create a durable floor covering that would last and last. Made from canvas, there were many Colonial American designs which showed off the variety and simplicity, often borrowed from quilt patterns. They then had a multi-layered finish added to them in order to make them long lasting. The borrowed name of "oyl cloth", the concept came from the British isles.

BW students doing work

Today, our definition of family and ease have taken on new meanings. We don't want so much to create a labor intensive piece of art for the home floor as much as we want to appreciate a great pattern on the floor that we don't want to fuss with at all. We want the cats and dogs and kids and friends to come and go with ease. Most don't spend their Saturday mornings scrubbing floors and rinsing mops. The soccer cleats come out, the juice spills on the floor and we're gone before that becomes a blip on our radar. Afternoons call for ease on the porch, kicking back to read or compute if possible, last on the list is scrubbing and worrying.

Enter the modern approach to high traffic, low maintenance areas. We've recently purchased from a great line at market that has many colorful patterns of vinyl floor cloths. Sort of the modern day approach without such a high expense of hand painted art. I am not trying to cut the artist's commissions here, but there are some family budget solutions now that will look great, perform well and last for many years to come. We can order these in multiple sizes, even custom sized according to the patterns, but plenty of styles from which to choose. All from this company come with a worn looks so it won't seem to precious to step on, dogs and cats smile at this, we're sure.

The families that have them are happy campers, movers and shakers, on the run and out of gas, having fun with just a wet swiffer and a song! Call us if you want to find out how to be so carefree! Outdoor floor solutions are just as easy, let us know what you are looking for and we'll research it for you!


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