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The need for beauty

I recently gave a talk about the evidentiary reason for beauty in our lives. I believe strongly that we were placed in a world put together by a wise God who was kind enough to give us an amazing natural world filled with exquisite beauty. After pulling together some of the thoughts about texture, pattern, color and the other elements of design, I realize that all we understand in interior design is a reflection of our observation of the natural world. Repetition of trees or seasons, oceans and birds all amazing in their diversity and layers, all point to a being so much more intelligent and incredible than we can even imagine. I believe that experiencing beauty can truly make us more thankful and gracious to the God of creation and the world around us.

All of this is to say that I am so grateful that all five of my senses still work so well. I not only enjoy shopping at various markets to peer at the new eye candy of products for the home, I can also experience the textures of velvet fabrics, the cool temperatures of chromes and golds in hardware, or the rough texture of a wood table for a farmhouse setting, I'm amazed when I hear music playing in a room that calls us to rest and enjoy family and friends. When lighting is low in a dining room, no matter size the room, the food is tastier, inviting our family and friends to calm and share their day. And who doesn't enjoy a sweet or savory scent coming from our kitchen? Truly we have been given more than we could ever imagine to totally enjoy our homes and environs.

So get out there (or in there) and enjoy the beauty all around. Rest in a space of comfort if the life you have now allows it. Step out and dance, enjoy our world of beauty, or as Katherine Hepburn once said, "Listen to the song of life."

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