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Simply Spring

A resounding yes to those near and far--Spring will come, Spring has shown up today, Spring is on the way!

After reading about all of the snows, rain, wind and general catastrophic winter for so much of our country (today it's the mid-west horrors of Spring flooding), it's hard to believe that things may bloom, life may change and warmth is on the way. In North Carolina we are ushered in with bone chilling nights and windy blown sun on early sprouts in the garden. Cold but thankful for even seeing the sun after our own monsoon season this winter.

The good news is that warmth will come again, we will likely love to experience nature in all its glory then tuck ourselves inside when summer's heat proves too much. Make sure your home is a place you want to retreat to, and if financially able, a place to primp and fluff and get your own nest ready for guests! So here's to hope!!!

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