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Heading out for vacation soon?

Vacation fun

As anyone who loves bicycling can tell you,

vacations are a time to take the slow road home, even just to a temporary respite. No matter where you roam, the fun of wandering is worth awaiting the season. It might be just the needed calm from our hectic lives that makes us want to hop on and ride, maybe an opportunity to see something new, but the journey is usually worth the turn down some "accidental roads"-(thank you Allen Levi for that song).

Maybe those sunny spots that you go to are places you own. As an interior design professional, I think the best thing that has happened in our industry of late has been all of the performance fabrics that have blossomed in the marketplace. From Krypton to Sunbrella and many acrylics in between the choices have never been better to add color, pattern, style and amazing wear and tear to the seating of our choice. So may your destinations be sweet and your seats be sunfast and weather resistant! May you enlist the help of a designer to help you find the resources at a reasonable rate to match your style!


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