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Time for Spring and the Marketplace

So everyone in the Southeast often has the advantage of Spring earlier than the rest of the northern USA. This causes things to really start buzzing in early March. Yesterday I went and picked up some blooms at my somewhat stark local garden shop to prep for an event in a few weeks. Yes, pushing it, I know since they are even predicting snow flurries this afternoon, but we are nothing in not hopeful to get out of the monsoon season and frigid temps we've experiences these last few months. And the blooms don't disappoint, even though I brought them in like children for the evening and put them back out once the thermometer read 34 degrees this morning. I felt like my own mom who shoved us kids out the door on freezing cold early Spring days in Alaska to get all that fresh air in our lungs, hard but good for all of us!

The big event for the Spring in the design world is the excitement that comes from prepping for Furniture Market in High Point. This year it's the first weekend in April and I'm sure that some will fuss about the sure colder breezes, but we can't deny that the anticipation of what's new, what's now, what's coming around the corner in home fashions leaves us giddy for all the projects we are working on. It's great to see trends, earn our CEU'S so we stay up on the intricacies of our industry. So call me in a few weeks, ask what I saw and I'm sure there might be some things you'll want to incorporate in your beautiful home.

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